Sprouts: Enveloping Schema and Building Continued

Sprouts: Enveloping Schema and Building Continued

January 18th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

This week we continued to pay attention to how and what our Sprouts build. Where are there eyes focused? What specific material are they drawn to? What is their intent in creating their structure? What type of play do we see occurring? Is there any change this week compared to the last?

After creating their structure, friends enclose loose material.  As Rianne drops small items, Shiho holds the structure steady, and Logan watches intently.

We continued to see a lot of vertical building with similarly sized and shaped boxes and blocks, but as the week progressed, we noticed the structures becoming more and more elaborate.  Although they continued to stand tall in height, there were new additions that surrounded their creations.  We began to see a lot of team effort as our Sprouts worked alongside each other, passing blocks to one another as well as create individual pieces to be part of a whole.  A variety of loose material was used, as the Sprouts began to introduce carpet strips, thin tiles, plastic tubes, and wooden people peg and cars.

Logan and Hunter taking turns handing each other blocks and placing them on top. 

Our Sprouts working closely together as a team to create a single structure. We begin to notice additional parts being included. 

Clara creating a door on the side of the tall structure.  The carpet strips representing “stairs”.

With their use of people pegs and cars, a story to their creations began to be told.  These structures soon became castles and houses, specifically “bear castles” inspired by one of the Sprouts’ favorite songs: We’re Going on  A Bear Hunt. Our Sprouts worked together to build an elaborate “bear castle” that included multiple structures surrounding their initial vertically stacked boxes.

Our Sprouts were very proud of their final product!

As we’ve mentioned last week, our friends have shown enveloping schema play in the classroom, specifically playing under tables and hiding under fabrics. Schematic play is play that children are compelled to do, in which they are fully involved and engaged.  It is therefore important to provide opportunities for our friends to further explore the schema to help extend their learning. Because this play continues to be prominent, we’ve been observing and speaking with Ms. Amy to further support our Sprouts.

Last week we explored various heights of tables with a large sheet of paper laid out on the floor for our friends to crawl under and draw.  We kept this set up beginning of the week and began to observe our friends wanting to draw on the bottom of the table and its table legs.  This led Ms. Amy to build a taller structure wrapped in paper for them to achieve this desire to write on their surroundings.

Noticing an interest in writing on the actual table, we wrapped the table legs in paper for our curious friend to draw on.  Notice the lines following the paper, which can be noticed as well in Ms. Amy’s structure.  

Our friends were thrilled with the new structure!

Reaching up high! 

Cameron very focused on his drawing.  Him and another friend pretended it was a small school they were in. 

We observed various friends drawing vertical lines as they moved their markers from the top of the paper to the bottom. Another Sprout began to use the existing drawings to tell a story, using it as a map as he maneuvered his finger from line to line. This structure also became an airplane that was used to deliver packages, as boxes were brought in.  Once again, the drawings were used, this time as knobs and dials that the “pilot and co-pilot” used.

“It’s a map”- Kyle, as he traced the lines and drawings throughout the walls with his finger. 

As the week continued, our friends continued to use the space to draw, read, and even build. This new structure gave them an intimate environment to play with friends. Many began to create their own play space by bringing items from around the classroom.

Sharing books with one another! Hunter reading his story to his friends. 

Creating their own small building area.

We look forward to continuing to observe, support, and explore their curious minds next week! Our Sprouts are full of imagination that we are excited to witness each and every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia