The Power Of Play

The Power Of Play

Hello Roots families! We have had one of the most productive weeks! Your Roots made it very clear that they are moving into exploring the containment schema. This is a great step, and we are excited .

It all started with a game. Like most discoveries it started by having fun outside. The game is friends sitting in a crate. They can be a Monkey at times, or in this case reading books to each other. It is the sitting in a crate that we want to pay attention to.

Inside the classroom sound took over. They found pots and pans and banged away. At first it was startling, and many friends didn’t know how to handle this new found interest. Once invited into the play they enjoyed marching to their own beat.


Ms. Amy saw the interest and jumped on it to help develop their interest, and to take a closer look as to what was going on in their brain. She brought speakers, drums, and more boxes in to the class.

Mila is a prime example of a containment schema. She has positioned herself in a box,  contained with a new, and limited view of her world.

An image schema is a recurring structure within our cognitive processes which establishes patterns of understanding and reasoning. Image schema are formed from our bodily interactions,[1] from linguistic experience, and from historical context. The term is explained in Mark Johnson‘s book The Body in the Mind; in case study 2 of George Lakoff‘s Women, Fire and Dangerous Things; by Rudolf Arnheim in Visual Thinking; and more recently, by Tim Rohrer‘s 2006 book chapter Image Schemata in the Brain.

After learning about drums, sound, and vibrations, Logan is exploring on his own. He has placed the car on a cardboard box, rolled, then moved to the plastic of the light table. He pushed slowly, and with focus. 


Rianne and Charlotte are playing around to see what vibrations they can make inside the box. 


Sadie filling, and containing rocks inside a log.



Sabrina Transporting her containment of sand all over the playground.

The largest group effort in containment is trying to encapsulate this log in mud. The mud needed to be a special thickness, then placed in certain spots to achieve the effect. 

After much research we have learned that the Roots are currently processing the containment schema. This schema is more of an umbrella schema for image processing, and language. The drums are new songs are them testing out how words work. 

Image schema is amazing! They are developing reasoning, and logic skills. In this moment they are putting pieces together everyday to organize, and truly understand how this world, and everything in it works. 


Have a great weekend, the Roots educators!