Watching the ball drop!

Watching the ball drop!

Welcome back Roots families!

It has been a week of intense study. The Dots have been playing with trajectories.

Trajectory allow them to look closely at how things move, volume, space, and experiment with distance. 

It has been a big part of  their play in the Roots class from the beginning of the year but, this week it has taken on a life of its own. 

Logan is filling buckets with sand, and watching the flow.

You can see in his eyes, and face how careful he is to let the sand flow at an even speed, and rate.

When observing the kids we look at their face and eyes to try and understand what they are working on. 

Once the sand was all dumped out he watched how fast the empty bucket went down the slide.

Then followed with his whole body.

We have also observed this with the class lining up at the top of the slide. One goes down, waits, then the second, and bumps into them.

This leads to an explosion of laughter.

With everyone involved in the slide it quickly moves into pretend play.

The slide is now a “construction zone.”

Ms. Inga and I were talking about how we make make a new slide or move it around the play ground.

Teddy took it on his own to make that happen by calling the current slide a pipe,

  “We are in a construction zone!” Teddy “We are putting in a new slide over this pipe.” Teddy 

This prompted extended stories and building ideas to come to life. Parker joined in quickly with

“We need wood chips and sand to make it strong.” 

“Also water! When the water dries the new slide will be ready.” Kaleb

The play of how objects move on ramps, smooth surfaces, and angle all moved inside with us as well.

It became a mad dash to the building area to see how high and how far we could build. 

This picture is a close up of them setting boundaries with in an already clearly defined space.

They said “This is here to mark were we can go, and so other people don’t get hurt.” Evan

Rianne, Charlotte, and Sabrina took it in a new direction when we went outside again. “I want to go high!” Rainne

“Okay, I am going to climb up here and be a kitty cat, can you get me?” Charlotte

“I can go high too! I can see!” Sabrina

 The group was trying to get as high as possible, then look down.

How do I get down?

What happens if we drop something?

Theses where a few of the questions asked in the moment. 

This led to a reflection question asked to the whole class.

“How do you think the log or sand feels when you roll it down the slide?” Lots of giggles, and “that’s silly” happened.

Some times the most fun, and insightful things are the simplest. 

So we rolled down a hill.

At Dot To Dot we are always thinking of ways to use our environment, in new meaningful ways. The kids laughed when we said “today we will be a log.” 

Many went down the hill cautiously, while some flung themselves down with out a second thought.

All laid at the bottom laughing, and dizzy.

Even myself and Ms. Inga rolled down the hill. It was fun! And it didn’t hurt. 


Have a great weekend, Roots Educators